Please join us for our Friday the 13th Tattoo & Piercing Event. 
We will be offering $40 tattoos & $20 piercings. 
Walk-in only.  Doors open at noon.  Hope to see you there!
All available designs are below:



We will be offering $40 tattoo designs 

($31+$9 mandatory tip)


$20 select piercings 

(naval, ear, lip, eyebrow, nostril)


Doors open at noon on Friday the 13th. Walk in only.

Arms and legs only. No changes.

You must be 18 with valid ID.  We are a cash only shop.

Once you arrive on Friday and sign in, you can hang out or venture into the city and we'll text you when your number is called.


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Stay tuned and stay spooky!

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